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Nik Edmondson is the creator and founder of 

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Now Performance is the premier baseball training resource for players, parents, and coaches. 

We are the online video learning platform for mental and physical training. 

Educate yourself for peak baseball performance with Now Performance.

Why is different?

Playing at your best requires mental, physical, and baseball skills. Now Performance brings you all three intertwined. You cannot perform at your highest level without all three working simultaneously and that is why Now Performance brings you every element of performance together.

What is Now?

Being now and completely in the moment you free yourself from distractions, fears, and anxiety and allow yourself to play at your best. Now Performance is dedicated to providing high quality resources so that you can perform your best now. Using the latest in sport psychology and biomechanical research Now Performance brings you books, video instruction, and interactive articles at the tip of your finger so that you can play and perform your best, now.


Now Performance aims to be the leader in physical and mental baseball performance training.


We aspire to reach baseball players, parents, and coaches who are striving to be the best they can. We understand they may learn in various ways, as some learn by watching, listening, reading, or doing. Now Performance seeks to educate in the best way possible for each individual.


Now Performance was founded by Nik Edmondson in Sacramento, California. 

Now Performance was born out of the idea to combine physical, skill, and mental training for peak baseball performance. Nik teamed up with top local developers and designers to bring you Now Performance. Still growing as a company, Now Performance appreciates your support and commitment of the goal to play now, be now.


Now Performance is American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC) offical training provider. AABC is based in Farmington, New Mexico and has been organizing amateur baseball since it was founded in Chicago in March 1935.AABC has one of the largest contingents of Major League players, and annually selects their graduate of the year.  Annual recipients have included Ron Cey, Don Sutton, Rick Burleson, Eddie Murray, Ozzie Smith, Ken Griffey, Jr., Derek Jeter, Mark Mulder, Roy Holliday, and many others.


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