About us

We wake up every day thinking about how we can inspire kids to move. Our collective backgrounds have led us to this place. We’re pretty pumped to be here. 

Pre-COVID we put on gamified activity events for youth. Think chuck-e-cheese meets the NFL combine.
Got it? Well, it was cool! 

With the changing landscape that COVID brought, Now Performance shifted to “putting the events onto a watch.” We felt this was a way we could inspire youth with a more sustainable and personal process. 

Nik Headshot.Small

Nik Edmondson

Head Coach / GM

Nik is all about helping others (and our team) be at their best. With a background in sports psychology and sports performance, Nik is focused on inspiring health at every level. Nik enjoys playing golf (walking only), riding his bike, and barreling down the mountain on skis.

Tom Brown

Thomas Brown

Assistant GM

Tom is a world leader in Human Machine Interface hardware software integrations and solves global companies' problems in a phone call. Seriously, ask Pepsico. Tom helps guide the team through complex technology, development, and business processes. 


Jonathon Gray

Defensive Coordinator

Jonathon is a software engineer with a background in healthcare systems. Jon leads our technology development, really likes coffee, and THINKS he can still run like he is 22 (some days he can, most days he can’t). 


Jennifer Weber

Offensive Coordinator

Jennifer understands youth programming, period. As a former kids executive / program operations leader for Healthy Way to Grow, NFL PLAY 60, and more with AHA Jennifer leads all programming processes. Jennifer enjoys running, hiking, and cooking with her kids.


Ben Cadranel

Special Teams 

Benjamin is a practicing attorney who is super happy to be working with youth. Ben handles our complex partnerships and legal stuff.