What we stand for

We believe

In doing the right thing

In creating a cycle of health that goes beyond us

That good business is measured in impact

How we roll


Force for Good

We use our business as a force for good. Impacting lives in a healthy way, creating value, and making a difference.

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We strive to develop trust through open and honest relationships.



Our mission is to inspire youth to be active and healthy.


We aspire to reach youth throughout the country, motivating one step at a time.




We see the popularity of video games and we aim to bring some of these concepts to physical activity. The focus is to remove pressure to “win” and place the emphasis on effort. All games are individualized, with only the ability to measure against oneself.

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We only use rewards that will improve the youth health experience. This includes items such as classes, events, clothing, and nutrition that help promote wellbeing. This is the fuel that turns our collective engines.